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Update 15/03/2020


The Club is completely closed. The staff that can work from home is working safe at home. The teachers have done all the virtual classes and were dismissed to be at home safe. We want to ensure that everyone is safe, the most we can.

As already informed, the Club will maintain a system of classes and prescriptions for personalized exercises via online. We will publish a Virtual Lessons Schedule, which will be available on our app (link) at https://clubevii.sportstudio.pt/ from Tuesday the 17th of March. Members who already accessed to this link, must enter their email and password already configured. Members who have never used this link must enter their email address, the one they introduced in our database and the password is their membership number.

If you wish to get in contact with the reception of the Club please call 00351925411740 (portuguese), 00351925411711 (english) or 00351925407773(french). This line will be avaiable from 10 am to 07pm.


Answers to the main questions we think will be asked:


  • Payment of monthly fees / annual fees / package of entries (flex cards) – regarding the payment of monthly fees or annual fees, will not be subjected to any changes at this time, since the Club has a team of professionals whom we intend to maintain the payment of their respective salaries and hours (service providers) because most of them will remain at the office at this difficult times, for everyone interest (members and Club). We want to maintain this team and the facilities, guaranteeing that in the future that we hope to be close, we will be able to maintain a high level of service for the interest and benefit of all members as it has been until now. Once we get back to normal, we will analyze the financial impact of this whole situation. The cost reduction (derived from the reduction in usage) that we will account for, will be reflected in a reduction of the monthly fees for the period in question, in order to compensate our members for the reduction and changes in the availability of services.


  • Children’s classes payment- since the Club has a team of professionals that intends to maintain and to whom we will and we want, of course, to pay their respective fees. Although the classes are suspended for the monthly fee payment and annuity it will not be a subject of any change at this moment. However, as soon as there is an opportunity to restart our normal activity, we are counting on being able to compensate all members for the classes that were not taught during this period.


  • Tennis, Padel and Fitness Classes (private classes – Personal Training) – Cancelled


  • Validity of packages and personalized training agreements – the validity of packages will be extended until we return to normal.


  • SPA – All SPA services closed;


  • Nutrition – Our nutritionists team will continue with the appointments and follow-up via online in the Nutrium app, by email and by phone. Appointments can be made through the app (link). On line appointements can be done through the app when this feature is avaiable.


  • Returning to normality – We will open the Club when the public health conditions are met to return to enjoying our space as much as we like.